Troubling times

There’s increasing speculation and concern about our Ward 4 Councillor – which, in fairness, might be calmed if people heard from him.  Much fairer to both him and us.

Public servants are also private citizens.  However, when those worlds collide, it’s prudent to communicate and act in a clear, responsible and timely manner.  The court of public opinion can render harsh judgments, particularly when limited information is available.

In this case, too many questions are being raised, including about personal interests running contrary to Ward 4 constituents and City Hall.      

This isn’t our Councillor’s first public experience with the optics of private matters.

At that time, he stepped forward to defend himself with unapologetic candour. That approach didn’t prevent his re-election (the real issue wasn’t if he could do it as a business owner, but if he should do it as a community leader and elected city official).     

Hopefully, at some point soon, our Councillor will explain the current situation from his perspective, and leave no doubt about his commitment.

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