Burlington the Good – and Giving

Chilly Half Group Photo Aug 2013

Do you realize just how much the health and well-being of our community depends on volunteers and donors?

Here’s a case in point.

Earlier this week, I attended the announcement of a new title sponsor for Burlington’s Chilly Half Marathon (that’s me on the far left, with our MPP and Mayor). My part was to speak on behalf of the event’s beneficiary, the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation.

The Chilly Half started in 1995. Since 2010, it has raised nearly $100,000 for the hospital.

That’s an incredible history of dedication and generosity while, quite literally, getting people moving to support worthy causes. Led by organizers Kelly and Mark Arnott, the Chilly Half represents a herculean combined effort of sponsors, donors, participants and volunteers.

Now, think of the seemingly endless list of other local events, festivals, fundraisers and volunteer-based organizations of all shapes and sizes. Did you know, for example, the hospital has over 600 volunteers, and the Sound of Music Festival engages over 800?!

It’s important to pause to appreciate and applaud Burlington’s culture of giving. While our needs are always increasing, we thrive by striving to meet them.


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