Promises, Promises

rick goldring for mayor 2010

During the 2010 municipal election, a lot of big promises were made. That’s not a shocker.

But what about fulfilling those promises?

As for Burlington – former Ward 5 Councillor and current Mayor Rick Goldring told the Toronto Star: “I’m running to bring respect and trust back to council and to re-establish a community vision”. Has that happened?

Our Mayor chose hard-to-measure outcomes. Nevertheless, I believe his collaborative style and straightforward manner have been ideal. His leadership has created a much higher degree of respect and trust. However, the vision part remains murky.

As for Ward 4 – our Councillor Jack Dennison advised the Burlington Post that one of his priorities would be the reconstruction of Lakeshore Road, calling it “an accident waiting to happen”. He pledged to find a long-term plan.

Widening for on-road bike lanes was part of his initial solution. That later became more about re-marking than re-constructing. As well, the main emphasis seemed to shift away from greater safety to healthier living. See “Lakeshore Road” in both of these links:

Residents expressed strong opposition. Their voices and efforts eventually changed the Mayor’s mind and vote – but not their Councillor’s. His initiative was voted down by Council in 2013 as a pilot project.

Our Mayor is on the right track.

Our Councillor needs to get back on track with Ward 4 residents, before championing another plan to fulfill a key 2010 commitment to voters. Time is running out with the 2014 election fast approaching, and the promise of more big promises.


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