What’s for breakfast?


Not much of a morning person – but I do love breakfast!

In particular, I enjoy the experience of a neighbourhood gathering spot. Where the meal is simple, the value is high, and most people are regulars.

And there are a lot of conversations going on. In fact, if City Hall really wants to be “engaging people on issues that affect their lives” (as stated in Burlington’s Engagement Charter approved earlier this year), pull up a seat. Let’s chat.

Burlington has many restaurants fitting this profile. Russell Williams, Mount Royal, Harvest Table, JC’s Bagels and others top that list. Each offers charm and/or character.

True, there are fancier and newer establishments/franchises – including Cora’s, Sunset Grill, Wimpey’s and Symposium – all of which are fine. But none are truly local diners (or to use the less-than-flattering term, ‘greasy spoons’).

My favourite may be the smallest: Windmill. Every table is a booth, food always arrives hot, and service is exemplary. In Ward 4, Harvest Table is my usual choice.

Fortunately, Burlington has a healthy appetite for breakfast places of all kinds – where you can have a meal, and find community.

1 thought on “What’s for breakfast?

  1. Brian I don’t disagree with you. I too love breakfast, I could have breakfast for lunch, or dinner as well. However, one of my favourite restaurants for breakfast is THE MEMPHIS FIRE BBQ CO.located on Kings Highway #8 in Winona. It is definitely worth the drive….great food, all homemade, including biscuits….they serve breakfast only until 10:30am…..after that you can stay for great BBQ

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