The waiting game

Every Council member wants you to know they’re committed to their job and running for re-election next October – except in Ward 4. He’ll let you know next June.

Not the first time Jack Dennison won’t tip his hand early. That’s his style, and it’s worked.

This time, what’s curious is his OMB appeal. It’s next May. He’ll battle neighbours, yet again, about severing his lot for a hoped-for real estate windfall.  He lost at the Committee of Adjustments. 

Those neighbours represented a strong base of support for his previous campaigns.  The OMB appeal is, well, an oddly counter-intuitive strategy for re-election.

If our Councillor knows he doesn’t intend to run again, should he tell us well in advance?

It would allow for proper thank-yous in his final year, recognizing decades of public service. And residents can focus in 2014 on choosing the best candidate to replace him, and represent us, for the only open seat on Council. But as he knows, an incumbent holds a huge advantage, causing many excellent candidates not to step forward.  

If he genuinely doesn’t know, why doesn’t he tell us the reasons?

In fairness to him, not if a final decision depends largely on how the political winds are blowing in June. Or, perhaps, it’s about finding out if something new and/or more lucrative comes along (such as building a new house to sell?). Otherwise, why not tell us?

A wise observer of life, and a theatre buff, once advised me: “A gracious exit off a stage enhances a legacy, but it’s diminished by trying to take the spotlight with you”.

city hall presentation

Having said all that…if history is any kind of guide, it’s likely this tactical delay and public silence signal that he’ll be running again – as usual.

It seems Ward 4 must wait another 9 months to find out how this familiar script plays out.

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