For the record

What’s your take on electronically recorded votes at City Hall?

Here’s your chance to vote…..

And here’s my take…..

Recorded votes are permitted at Council meetings. However, there is no electronic voting. They do it the old-fashioned way: by requiring someone to first ask for a recorded vote, and then everyone stands up at their seats.

Unless you’re there in person or watching on TVCogeco at that moment, those results are buried in lengthy minutes posted online much, much later. On rare occasions, local media lets us know the voting breakdown for a few newsworthy items.

In other words, there’s no easy way to find out how the Mayor and/or your Councillor vote. How’s that for accountability?

Our Ward 4 Councillor told me when a voter won’t support him during an election, he asks: “What did I vote on, that you didn’t agree with?” A shrewd question.

For voters, it’s nearly impossible to know a Councillor’s overall voting record. For the same reason, in fairness to Councillors, voters may judge them based on only a few matters.

Electronic voting results can be posted online in a timely manner, and searched for specific matters, topics and dates. Good governance and available technology mean voting at City Hall should and can be brought into this century.

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