Making the grade

city hall aerial view

2014 feels like 2013, only colder – but at least the municipal election is warming up!

Registration started January 2nd. Here’s the place to find the official candidates:

City Council is 7 individuals representing over 175,000 people. A huge responsibility.

We get to choose them. A bigger responsibility, and tremendously important right.

*** WILL YOU VOTE? ***

Sadly, 70% of eligible voters did NOT vote over the past 3 elections in Burlington.


Non-incumbents…. Few have registered, but it’s very early days.

Hopefully, voters will give all challengers a fair look once they activate campaign websites, knock on doors, etc. As I know from 2010, it’s not easy stepping forward to run!

Incumbents…. All plan to register, except Ward 4’s Jack Dennison (who has promised to announce his decision, as usual, in June).

In effect, Council members run on their record and not just name recognition. To help assess them, the public was asked to grade Council in 2012, the halfway point of a 4-year term:

Rick Goldring (Mayor) = B-
Rick Craven (Ward 1) = B-
Marianne Meed Ward (Ward 2) = B+
John Taylor (Ward 3) = B
Jack Dennison (Ward 4) = C+
Paul Sharman (Ward 5) = C-
Blair Lancaster (Ward 6) = C- (she felt an A was deserved)

Council gave itself a B/B+ overall. The public put a C on the interim report card.

Has the mark for your Ward Councillor, the Mayor and Council moved up or down?

Whether you vote online or in a booth on October 27th, please take the time and effort to truly know each candidate’s background, positions and vision.

Let’s get informed – and let’s try harder to get a passing grade for Burlington’s turnout this time.

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