Breaking News: 3 in 4 now!

Steve Kempf of 446 Indian Road. The latest registered candidate in Ward 4.

Mr. Kempf doesn’t live in the Ward – which is permitted – but little else can be gleaned from his registration particulars at City Hall today, nor from a cursory Internet search.

UPDATE: After first posting this blog, several people have advised me that he’s a former Roseland resident, now retired from the fire department in Mississauga.

I trust Mr. Kempf will soon reveal more about himself, together with his reasons for running and his positions about Burlington – as he joins John Sweeny and Alexandra Kubrak in the ranks of Ward 4 candidates to consider in the October municipal election.

jack dennison

That sound you’re hearing?

Could be the noise of votes splitting – and a chuckle, as Councillor Jack Dennison smiles, pondering another re-election bid.

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