Burlington newspaper folds

burlington gazette

Pepper Parr’s online newspaper, Burlington Gazette, has ended its nearly 4-year run:


Last year, this blog conducted a highly unscientific poll, yielding these results:

Clearly, Pepper engaged many local residents with his highly informative, candid and often entertaining way.

As Councillor Marianne Meed Ward posted online after yesterday’s announcement, he performed a vital service as an “independent voice on matters of public interest“.

And Pepper provided all that time, energy and expertise – as a volunteer!

pepper parr

Pepper succeeded at achieving his main objective of narrowing the information gap between City Hall and citizens. For that, Burlington owes him much.

Thank you, Pepper, and congratulations for a truly remarkable achievement.

Now what happens? Who or what will step into the void?

That question is especially relevant as Burlington heads into election season at the municipal, provincial and federal levels (but not necessarily in that order).

Well, until someone or something else emerges, my poll results indicate part of the answer may involve spending more time in local donut shops.

*** UPDATE: After first posting this blog, Pepper advised me that while the Gazette has folded its tent, for the time being, it may not cease to exist permanently. Once his health situation is addressed, Pepper will reconsider his decision in due course.

*** ANOTHER UPDATE: Seems you can’t believe everything you read in the Gazette – even about itself! The Gazette broke the news that it would cease to publish on April 27. However, due to popular demand, it was resurrected by Pepper on May 16.

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