Crowd forming in Ward 4

While voters are being bombarded by news and views about the Ontario election, another Ward 4 candidate quietly registered today at City Hall.

Her name is CAROL GOTTLOB.

carol gottlob

That makes 4 in 4: Gottlob, Kempf, Kubrak, Sweeny.

So far.

Click these links to learn more from their websites (Mr. Kempf doesn’t have one yet)….

While residents wait until next month for Jack Dennison’s plans (he’s busy fighting his neighbours this week at an OMB appeal) – Ward 4 is trying to keep pace with Ward 6.

Neither incumbent has registered, and Ward 6 leads with 5 registered candidates.

So far.

Are they attracting so much competition because they’re seen as ‘vulnerable’?

Will voter fatigue follow the Ontario election, especially if there’s no battle for Mayor?

One thing is certain: the weather, and our municipal races, are slowly heating up.

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