And now there are 5 (again)

You don’t want to blink during this Ward 4 election campaign!

Last week, one candidate (unofficially) exited, and another (officially) entered.

Please say hello to DAN DAVIDSON.

dan davidson

Dan is a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM who’s been a Ward 4 resident since 1982.

Why run for political office now?

Burlington is a great city, but I feel it is starting to go in the wrong direction in the areas of future planning, resident engagement, and impacts on neighbourhood life style….I thought it’d be better to try to get involved and try to help, rather than complain about it.”

Stay tuned, Ward 4! There could be more people willing to step forward to end the 20-year reign of incumbent Jack Dennison.

The last day to register as a candidate at City Hall is September 12.

1 thought on “And now there are 5 (again)

  1. Interesting thing about civic elections with no political parties is if you get an unpopular Councillor it entices a lot of people to run against them. However the crowded race is only helping the incumbent win.

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