Is Dennison out of bounds?

Ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison is trying to swing another real estate deal.

This time, it’s with his fellow Council members, and it’s all about YOUR property.

While he’s hit and missed with them in the past, that may change soon.

burlington council 2014-2018

To be clear, this is not about Councillor Dennison battling neighbours to capitalize on his own Lakeshore Road property in Ward 4 (as you may recall, the Committee of Adjustments denied him a severance, and he appealed that decision to the OMB).

His focus is now on lands owned by the City in Ward 1. Tyandaga Golf Course.


Ward 1 Councillor Rick Craven’s email newsletter today included this commentary….

“Councillor Jack Dennison is continuing his effort to sell land from the golf course to developers.

During recent budget discussions he put forward a motion that Council “review our Tyandaga asset as part of our strategic plan”. I objected to the motion as being “out of order” and the Chair ruled in favour of the Point of order.

Undoubtedly Councillor Dennison will now pursue this subject during the upcoming “Strategic Plan” discussions. I will keep you advised.”

Craven didn’t connect the dots for readers – but his email included another topical item, with potentially huge implications for the golf course and Burlington….

“My office has received a lot of calls about the large open space, recently put up for sale, west of Brant Street and south of Havendale. This land is currently owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese. Developers are also making inquiries.

So far, there is nothing official, no applications and no news, but I will certainly keep you advised if anything changes.”

How do these pieces connect?

Well, a picture tells that story best. Click on this photo to see where the golf course and Brant Street property are located….

golf course and brant street property

Seems a long time ago that Councillor Dennison championed the preservation of local green space, by helping save the General Brock parkland . That cause was certainly worth fighting for in Ward 4 (although the war isn’t over yet, but that’s for another post).

Of course, a sale of golf course lands will generate a lot of green for the City’s coffers, in the short and long term (municipal golf has been a money-draining “asset” for the City over the course – that’s the last pun – of its 50+ years).

Beyond the sale price, add an enormous windfall of development charges, plus an expanded residential tax base (e.g. perhaps 150+ homes depending on the property sold and related conditions). And the area would still be covered mostly by gorgeous parkland.

Hopefully, citizens appreciate the need to speak up now about this kind of contentious issue, whether you’re fore (couldn’t resist) or against it.

In this case, the fate of Tyandaga Golf Course may significantly inform and influence the direction of our new Strategic Plan – if Craven’s emailed expectations about Dennison come true. Council’s final approval is set for July 2015….

burlington strat plan 2015-18

So, if a possible sale of golf course lands is considered as part of a larger context for Burlington’s future, here’s my question to YOU….

1 thought on “Is Dennison out of bounds?

  1. I totally disagree but keep in mind that a strong survey indicating that the Beachway Park residents be allowed to stay was voted against by 4 of the same councillors we have now.
    So beware and strengthen the approach

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