Merry Clarity!

Life can get pretty complicated and frayed, especially around this busy time of year.

The path forward isn’t always clear, but time still marches on (often much too quickly).

Nevertheless, as 2016 nears its end, local residents seem to be in step about one thing.

Life in Burlington has changed, and it continues to change at an unrelenting pace. Of course, that change can be good or bad!

Your view may be swayed by when and where you’re asked.

You could be stuck in traffic with a case of indigestion from New Street’s road diet – or enjoying a calming stroll around one of Ward 4’s serene neighbourhoods.


Locally, we have much to appreciate and anticipate; and other things to complain and worry about. Skillful observers and communicators like Terry Cooke manage to cut through all that chatter about change – often with the turn of a phrase….

“Long-term change takes time”.


That powerfully blunt insight is taken from a recent message delivered by Terry as President and CEO of the Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF).

He took the pulse of HCF’s current strategic plan. It got a thumbs-up from supporters.


I wonder how his questions to gauge HCF’s progress might apply to Burlington, and how citizens would respond.

Like HCF or any other community-based organization, City Hall is a place which should be building community with a long-term focus and discipline.


1) How is our long-term planning? How are we actually doing right now?

2) Does City Hall understand our evolving community needs and priorities?

3) Is our current “Group of Seven” Council setting the right direction, goals and flagging course corrections for over 175,000 people?

Often, though, one simple question will produce a profoundly clear answer.

And who doesn’t want clarity at times like this?


As my holiday gift, here’s your chance to experience clarity, in 3 seconds or less….

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