Pop Quiz

burlington story and community report

How much do you really know about Burlington? Time to find out!

I doubt the above were on many reading lists over the holidays. City Hall produced these glossy and slick new reports in 2013.

Some may consider them “feel-good propaganda”. They’re more than that.

Both reports reveal much about the City, City Hall and our future.

Take a few moments to complete the following * POP QUIZ * based on the The Burlington Story and Burlington’s Community Report. It may even save you from reading them!

Answers will be provided here on New Year’s Eve.

No Googling, please. Fingers ready. Eyes on your own screen. And begin…

***** SPOILER ALERT *****
Answers are provided now immediately below each question. You may be surprised (especially #5 and the City’s limited growth potential).

Here’s to Burlington doing better in 2014 – and not just on the next Pop Quiz!

See page 3 in both The Burlington Story and Burlington’s Community Report, plus the map on page 2 and a note on page 3 of the City’s 2013 “Rural Area Background Report”: http://cms.burlington.ca/AssetFactory.aspx?did=24042

See page 14 in Burlington’s Community Report

ANSWER= More than 40 years ago
See page 5 in The Burlington Story

ANSWER = 56%
See Figure 10 on page 19 in The Burlington Story

ANSWER = 12,000 more people
See page 7 in The Burlington Story

ANSWER = Transit
See pages 26 and 27 in Burlington’s Community Report

ANSWER = 12.5%
See page 24 in Burlington’s Community Report

ANSWER = 2 Councillors
Marianne Meed Ward and Blair Lancaster, the only female representatives on Council

The SPECIAL BONUS ANSWER will hopefully be disclosed by City Hall in 2014 (to some degree) – but it’s interesting to see what people anticipate. Will this Council’s decision to litigate actually matter to residents for the October 27 election? Time will tell.

Cheers to your health!

jo-mac halton family health centre

Yesterday was a very good day for healthier tomorrows in Burlington.

It marked an important milestone to “top off” construction at Joseph Brant Hospital for the new Halton McMaster Family Health Centre. As shown below, a special steel beam will form part of the building rising up in the background (I’m the tall guy, back row on left side).


I have the great privilege and responsibility to be on the Hospital’s Board of Governors, and was also appointed Vice-Chair on the Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Let’s be candid: Burlington was long overdue for a better hospital. Guess what? It’s happening. So much is going on and getting done behind the scenes, and in front of them now. Stay tuned and keep watching as Jo Brant is tranformed.

jo brant artist's rendering

And check out the new website: http://www.josephbranthospital.ca/

The new era of Jo Brant even includes Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin!

As Mayor Rick Goldring said yesterday, with so many new parts to the redevelopment and expansion project, it really seems like Burlington is getting a new hospital.